4th Latin American Conference of the International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching Group (IHPST-LA)

History, philosophy, sociology and science teaching in Latin America: reflecting on the challenges and achievements of the last decades


September 3 to 5, 2018

Federal University of ABC, UFABC

Santo André, Brazil





1st circular

Dear colleagues,


We are pleased to announce that, from September 3 to 5, 2018, it will take place at Santo Andre campus of the Federal University of ABC (UFABC) the 4th Latin American Conference of the International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching Group (IHPST-LA).

After 8 years from the 1st Latin American Conference, in Maresias (SP), and 3 years from the 13th Biennial Conference of the IHPST, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil will host again a group meeting. In three days of intense discussion, we seek to promote a wide debate among historians, educators, teachers and others on the relation between history, philosophy, sociology and science teaching.


In the last three decades, there has been a growing contribution from Latin American researchers on the possibilities, challenges and perspectives of the relation between these four areas. Hence, we have occupied an important place in the main channels of discussions, either journals or meetings, introducing and reflecting on specific problems of our continent and, thus, promoting a productive integration between the most diverse ways of thinking.


We believe that the next IHPST-LA can be a moment of reflection on what we have accomplished and what we can still achieve. Therefore, the theme of this 4th conference is: History, philosophy, sociology and science teaching in Latin America: reflecting on the challenges and achievements of the last decades. We encourage the submission of proposals that address this theme, although the conference is open to all topics that lie within the scope of the IHPST group.


There will be three kinds of submission of proposal: oral communication, poster and thematic symposia.


For the oral communications and posters, participants should submit an abstract with no more than 200 words. The oral communications should be presented within 20 minutes, with 10 more minutes for questions and comments. The posters will be presented at a special session, within 1 hour and 30 minutes, in the second day of the conference.


The thematic symposia must be organized by, at least, two researchers from different institutions. The participants must belong to two or more different institutions. The organizers must submit the abstracts of all the proposed communications, with no more than 200 words each. The organizers can submit as many communications as they wish within a thematic symposium, however, be aware that we will have only two sessions for the thematic symposia, with 1 hour and 30 minutes each. No symposium presentation will be allowed during other sessions of the conference.


Each participant must be the first author (and presenter) of only one proposal, either an oral communication, poster or within a thematic symposium. Therefore, the abstracts will only be included in the conference program after the registration of the first author. In addition, each participant can be co-author of two other papers. Each communication can be authored by a maximum of three people.


Proposals may be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish or English.


Here are the important dates of the conference:

Submission of proposals (all categories): from February 19 to March 30

Notification of acceptance: from May 1

Early registration deadline: June 3

Registration deadline: July 15

Conference: September 3 to 5


If you have any doubts and suggestions, send an e-mail to ihpstla2018@gmail.com


About UFABC: http://ufabc.edu.br/en and http://youtu.be/7LU2dW7cyH0

About Santo André, Brazil (in portuguese): http://www.santoandre.sp.gov.br


Organizing committee

Breno Arsioli Moura – UFABC (chair)

Marcia Helena Alvim – UFABC

Lúcio Campos Costa – UFABC

Paulo Tadeu da Silva – UFABC

Luciana Zaterka - UFABC



Scientific committee

Agústin Aduriz-Bravo, Argentina

Alexandre Bagdonas, Brazil

Ana Paula Bispo da Silva, Brazil

Andreia Guerra, Brazil

Breno Arsioli Moura, Brazil

Cibelle Celestino Silva, Brazil

Douglas Allchin, USA

Ivã Gurgel, Brazil

José Claudio Reis, Brazil

José Otávio Baldinato, Brazil

Juliana M. H. Ferreira Drummond, Brazil

Luciana Zaterka, Brazil

Lúcio Campos Costa, Brazil

Marcia Helena Alvim, Brazil

Maria Elice de Brzezinski Prestes, Brazil

Paulo Tadeu da Silva, Brazil

Peter Heering, Germany

Pierre Boulos, Canada

Ricardo Karam, Denmark

Sergio Luiz Bragatto Boss, Brazil

Tânia Camel, Brazil

Thais Cyrino de Mello Forato, Brazil

Winston Schmiedecke, Brazil

Zoubeida Dagher, USA

Zuraya Monroy-Nasr, Mexico